Friday, April 21, 2006

Communicator Mobile is now Available

Microsoft just released the new version of Office Communicator Mobile or CoMo. CoMo runs on 2003 SE and v5 versions of Smartphone and Pocket PC. As a beta tester, I quickly learned that getting CoMo working is not as easy as installing the application. You have to install the correct certificate. Installing the certificate is different for each phone. Microsoft has made available several deployment and planning guides. I suggest reading through these before deployment.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I Am Now a LCS Microsoft MVP

I am happy to announce that Microsoft has awarded me the Microsoft MVP award for Live Communications Server. I want to thank the person/people who nominated me and provided input to this award. My goal is to continue providing the same level of contribution to the Microsoft communities in the area of real-time collaboration. These days my time is split between the RTC products (LCS, Live Meeting) and Office 2007 RDP programs. I hope to contribute more to the SharePoint communities starting with the beta newsgroups. I look forward to meeting the MVP community.

Eventually, my bio will appear on the MVPs Awardees web site.

MVP ID - 33624

AJAX SDK for Communicator Web Access Available

Yesterday Microsoft released the AJAX SDK which allows developers to build pure web applications that interface with LCS. Effectively, this allows corporations to take advantage of the presence gumdrop and dropdown menu that can be seen in Office 2003 client applications and SharePoint.